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About us

It was back in 2009 when I had a first look at WordPress. Up till that moment I had been doing several open source projects using Joomla and Magento.

The company I was working for at that moment suggested to start a blog and that’s where WordPress came into the picture. At that moment WordPress was still mainly a blogging solution. But you could easily see the potential!

It was a year later when I received the possibility to write my first WordPress book, named Kickstart WordPress and only published in Dutch. Several other titles followed, among also a few English ones.

Years with WordPress and other open source projects followed and also more WordPress titles were published. But somewhere I still had the feeling I had to expand my view and create an English WordPress blog. Aimed at beginners.

Why another WordPress website for beginners? There are already lots of them! Yes, that’s true, but lots of them come and go. And looking at my experience I think there’s still much that can be shared and improved. We’re not all writing in the same way and somehow I feel that I can bring something new to the table. Let’s see. For now, enjoy the website and certainly enjoy working with WordPress!